Lata Gwalani


Lata Gwalani is the author of the captivating book “INCOGNITO”

Lata Gwalani is a behavioural and skills facilitator, and a motivational speaker. She has excellent people skills and is a coach and mentor par excellence.

Lata has a rich work experience of 22 years, having worked in the fields of journalism, advertising, and technical writing. She spent more than 7 years in active journalism having written hundreds of articles on varied subjects. She then moved on to advertising, where she worked as a copywriter. Her last corporate stint was with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a Technical Writer. Here, she was also an in-house trainer for varied workshops.

An intuitive person, Lata has a great insight into people psyche and behaviour. She brings with her a rich and varied experience of relating to people and reaching out to them in order to address various personal and professional issues. An emphatic speaker, Lata has a remarkable ability for simplifying the most difficult concepts with the help of simple and lucid examples. She is also an empathic listener, which helps her build bridges with people very soon.

She is a master trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) trained under Dr. William Horton of the National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming, USA. She conducts several workshops using NLP techniques. She is also a practitioner of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT). She is passionate about the subject ‘Emotional Intelligence’. She is certified in Emotional Intelligence Competency by the Forum for Emotional Intelligence Learning and SBM NMIMS University. She does extensive work with managers, parents, and especially with women in this area.

In the last twelve years, Lata has imparted training in the areas of Communication, Transactional Analysis, Business Etiquette, Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Motivation, Relationship, Leadership and Team-Building, Personal Effectiveness, and Time Management. She has conducted over 750 workshops and has trained over 15000 people.

Women-specific work During the past 6 years, Lata has been successfully leading a workshop designed and developed exclusively for women. Titled EVE – Emotional Victory Enhancement, the workshop enables women from all walks and stages of life to identify their major emotional upheavals and helps them lighten their emotional baggage.

Public Speaking
Besides corporate workshops, Lata also delivers lectures at various educational institutes and seminars, having covered a cross-section of people right from teenagers to retired professionals.

Topics of Interest to Lata:

• Emotions and their management
• Work-personal life balance
• Relationships
• Leadership and emotional intelligence
• Personal leadership
• Personal effectiveness • Gender differences in emotions
• Human Resources and it’s importance
• Women Empowerment

Academics & others…

Lata is an Arts graduate and a postgraduate in Journalism and Communication. She has done an advanced course in French from the Alliance Française de Bombay and has also taught French.
Lata and her husband Sunil have a mutual love for sports and are ardent marathoners.
Lata is an avid reader and a prolific writer having written articles for various publications. She also has a passion for classical dance. She is well known in fine art circles as an accomplished compere and anchor.
Lata feels strongly about women’s issues and has worked with various women groups. She is keen to write and talk on topics related women empowerment.
Apart from this, Lata loves travelling and meeting people to learn more about their lifestyles and to get an insight into human behaviour. She is well travelledand would love to contribute to various travelogues.

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